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  • We represent around 2,500 titles annually as the leading literary agency in Korea across all media platforms. We are fully experienced in trade/ education publishing industry for adults and children. Also we work on various fields such as film, audio, magazines and cartoons rights.



  • It is essential to come to an agreement with proprietors, in order to publish translated edition of certain intellectual properties. Any form of publication without official consent with proprietor is subject to legal issues.





  • We actively communicate with foreign publishers on daily basis. If you are interested in finding publishers for translated edition, please kindly send us publicity material along with Manuscript. And we will make submission to multiple publishers and get the best results. Please be advised that withholding tax for importing country, and agency commission will be included in the payment. (Agency commission will be 10% for domestic agency, and 10% could be added if we work with another agent in importing country.)





  • Please refer to following steps:

    1. Inquiry Please make inquiry of the rights status for the titles you’re interested in. Please contact each team for further inquiry.

    2. Offer If rights are still available, please fill out the offer form and send it to us via Fax or e-mail.

    3. Contract and Invoice- After the proprietor and the publisher come to an agreement, we send the contracts and invoice. Please return signed copies to us for proprietors countersignature. Upon final approval of offer, the contract for signature will be arranged along with invoice.

    4. Payment Please make the payment according to the invoice within 10 days from the date specified in invoice.

    5. Publication report and gratis copies Once the Korean edition is published, please kindly fill out the publication report form and send it to us by e-mail or fax. Gratis copies should be sent to the proprietor and to WE as well.

    6. Royalty Report According to the contract, annual or semi-annual report is required.

    7. Termination / Renewal of contract After the contract is expired, the renewal or termination is required. In order to terminate the contract, please send us termination letter and let us know the book is out of print in the market.





  • If the title is already licensed in the market exclusively, translation rights are not available until that license gets expired. Sometimes, there are proprietors who dont want to proceed foreign translations. To check these kinds of various rights status, please make inquiries to our agency. Please contact us by each agents email address, or use Online Inquiry ( 링크 ) , then we will answer you in a day. If you want to make a phone call, please make sure to fax or email again with ISBN information after the call.





  • If the rights are available and you decided to make offer after review, please download our official offer sheet (링크) and fill out the terms. The companys signature is required on the offer sheet when it is sent by fax to us, but if you e-mail it as an attachment, we can consider that e-mail as the signature. The agent will negotiate the terms accordingly.


    Please keep in mind that the offer is considered to be approved when the offer has been accepted by the proprietor. The responsibility to pay the advance payment to the proprietor still remains if you cancel the offer unilaterally after e-mail approval. Therefore, please be sure to review thoroughly before making offer.


    Licensing for pictures, images, graphs, illustrations etc. of the book should be checked separately.





  • After the Proprietors approval on the offer, we will send you the contract, invoice, publication report form, and contract summary. Please send the signed contracts back to us and remit the payment.

    Contract summary is a short summary of contract terms in Korean for your reference, and this includes copyright phrase for guidance.

    Please fill out Publication report form upon publication and send it to us by fax or mail.




  • Payments should be made within 10 days of the date of invoice. If the contract is fully-executed, we will make wire transfer within 2 to 3 days of receiving payment. We will send statement of accounts, receipt of the transfer and deposit slip by post mail within one week of the transfer. If there is additional payment due to change of exchange rate, please remit the payment to our account by early week of the following month, and vice versa if there is any refund to be made from us.





  • If the translated edition cannot be released within the publication window stated on the contract, the publisher should get an approval from the proprietor to extend the publication date.




  • After the contract is expired, the renewal or termination is required. During the royalty report period, the publisher is asked whether to terminate or renew the contract. In case of terminating the contract, please send us the termination letter. If the publisher would like to renew the contract, the publisher can discuss the condition of the renewal based on the record such as sales report during the contract term.




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